Oct 10, 2010

Nevada State Museum, Springs Preserve, Las Vegas

I just did some repair work at the Nevada State Museum at Springs Preserve, in Las Vegas. This Project was created by the artists at LifeFormations (including myself), 4 years ago, and just needed a little TLC after some rough handling during a few field trips.

I sculpted the lady at the top, Helen Stewart, who by the way was a very independent and wealthy land owner in the area at the turn of the century. She is riding the train, during her trip to the land auction in Las Vegas, 1905.

Springs Preserve, Las Vegas

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Cuba Libre

This summer, we completed the Cuba Libre restaurant in Washington, DC. The project was designed by Artisan Studio, Columbia, Tn. The work was done by artists from Tennessee, Florida and Ohio.

After many months of research, the pieces were created at Artisan, where I painted them to look like authentic buildings in Havana. Four of us did the on-site work, installing finishing the pieces that were made in Tennessee, and faux painting all of the walls in the restaurant to complete the building facades we created.

The photos below are of the site in progress. I had to leave this one before it was finished, to come home and work on other things.

Aug 10, 2010

Cuba Libre DC

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Jul 10, 2010

Sidewalk Art at Imagination Station!

Click the link (on the right) to see the time-lapse video!
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May 5, 2010

Cuba Libre - Washington DC

We are currently working on a project for Artisan Studio, in Columbia Tennessee.
We are working on the design, creation and installation of this beautiful new restaurant that is going inside the US Mint.
We install at the end of July.
Check back for more photos and info as things progress!

Apr 9, 2010

Fortune-teller Machines for magician, David Copperfield

These 2 machines were created for magician, David Copperfield. The machines were fabricated by LifeFormations Art and Technology Studio, Bowling Green Ohio. 
I created the lighted signs from mdf and birch plywood. The signs are hollow with removable backs. The graphics are airbrushed.
In addition to the signs, I also did much of the finish artwork on the cabinets, and figures.

Apr 8, 2010

Fortune-teller Machines for David Copperfield

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Killer Watt

The Brain

Sep 1, 2009

Hollywood Wax Museum: Branson, Mo

This project entailed transforming the entire outside of an existing building from a concrete block structure, to a cityscape, and castle, complete with new signage and entries.  
We also installed a large King Kong photo op at the entrance, and transformed some walls in the shop with a little scenic painting to make them look like aged limestone.
These pieces were designed and built by Studio Y Creations, in Calgary , and were installed by Powel Scenic Contracting, Tn.
Studio-Eclectic provided finish artwork on site.
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18' King Kong Photo-op


Aug 1, 2009

Fort Worth Children's Museum

22 pieces, including characters and signs were created as a wonderful new addition to the Fort Worth Children's Museum.  
Each piece was cut from MDF by and carefully hand painted and airbrushed to replicate the original drawings (drawings by Roto Studio).  Each of the pieces had precisely fitting, multiple layers to offer a more 3-dimensional effect.
This project took a total of 3 months to produce.

Fort Worth Children's Museum

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12' Giraffe

Shopping Cart
Momma Elephant
Baby Elephant
Momma Kangaroo & Baby

Mar 10, 2009

Salome Set~Toledo Opera

Studio-Eclectic created all of the scenic set work for the Toledo Opera's production of Salome.  The set is designed to offer the feel of a stone palace, but is combined with the modern, industrial element of the scaffolding, offering a new twist on a familiar theme.
The project included a 22' tall archway, a 16' moon, four 30' panels, 40' of platforming, 80' of painted stone floor, and a 5' grate.  We fabricated the pieces with the help of a local welding shop and carpenter, and painted over 3500 sq ft of set work.
The production runs through March 22, 2009.

Salome Set

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Jan 9, 2009

Perrysburg Area Arist's Exhibition - Toledo Museum of Art

Read about the exhibition in the Bowling Green Sentinel Tribune:

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These three pieces have been juried and accepted into the Perrysburg Area Arts Council Exhibition at the Toledo Museum of Art.  The exhibit will run from March 27 - May 10, 2009 in the Community Gallery.

PAAC Entries- Images

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Warming Trend - watercolor
Aging Gracefully - 35 mm black & white print
Watching - pen & ink on paper

Oct 15, 2008

Drew, on the Beach

Perrysburg, Oh: Summer, 2008
This mural was based on a photograph taken on the beach in Boston.  Using the style of a children's book illustration, we painted the mural in the bedroom of the child in the photo.  The mural is 4' x 6', is somewhat detailed and took approximately 30 hours to complete.  

Drew, Mural

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Drew, detail

Drew, Mural

Sep 25, 2008

Artist Lecture Series - Owen's College

This lecture series was presented by Owen's College in Perrysburg, Ohio during the Fall 2008 semester.  The program's intent was to offer career options and examples to students attending the Owen's College School of Fine Art.  I was pleased share my experiences as an artist and business woman, and to act as an advocate of earning a living in the field of commercial artwork.

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Sep 15, 2008

Stained Glass Door

Bowling Green, Oh: Summer 2008
I designed this door for a local orthodontics office.  The design incorporates their logo into the window while their name is carved into the wood panel below.  The door was hand crafted from red oak with a walnut finish and highlighted with brushed nickel hardware and lettering to match the came(rigid metal channel) in the window.  The window is comprised of 82 panes of glass, using both lead and zinc came instead of the copper foil technique, to offer additional strength.  A few slight modifications were made while creating the door &  window, however the finished piece remains fairly true to the original design.
The project took approximately on month to complete.

Design and Finished Door

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Door detail

Finished Door

Door Design

Aug 15, 2008

Lost Woods Mirror Maze

Pigeon Forge, Tennessee: Summer, 2008
This project was a fun one.  I painted 150 trees in a fantastic mirror maze at Adventure Quest, an attraction in Pigeon Forge Tennessee.  The trees are approximately 8 ft tall by 8 ft across with a total painted surface area of approximately 6,750 square feet, and took 25 days to complete.  The design of the mirror maze lends itself to the feeling of endless space, and the addition of the trees really gives you a sense of being lost in a forest.  It is the only one of its kind that we know of in the world.

Lost Woods Murals - 150 trees

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1 artist, 1 month

Jun 30, 2008

Time Twister

Pigeon Forge, Tennessee: Summer, 2008
For this project I acted as on-site Art Director for LifeFormations Art & Technology Studio.  I directed a small crew of artists, and we created signage, props and themed sets.  Time Twister is a walk-through attraction based on time travel.  It revolves around a scientist who has gathered a number of items from the different time periods he has visited.  Time Twister has several interactives, in 5 different rooms that are filled with themed artwork designed to immerse the visitors in the atmosphere of the attraction.  

Time Twister Artwork

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Billboard w/Crashed Spaceship 12' x 24'
Adventure Quest Logo 2' x 3'
Interactive Rock Sculpture 5' x 8'

May 30, 2008

Toledo Country Club Beach Mural

Toledo, Oh: Spring, 2008
I designed and painted this mural for the Toledo Country Club.  It is painted in the ladies pool locker room.  At the request of the client, I designed the mural in a beach theme, and chose colors that enhanced the ceramic tiles in the floor.  The mural is 750 sq ft and wraps around 4 walls of the room.  Working with one assistant, we completed the mural in 1 week.

Beach Mural

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Mural  detail

Mural Design

Dec 15, 2007

Great Wolf Lodge

Grapevine, Tx: Autumn~2007
This was a really fun trip.  Hard work, but fun.  Five artists landed on site in October, flying in from 4 different states.  All 5 of us are experienced artists with backgrounds and degrees in painting, sculpture, fibers, etc.  We all have other projects aside from the hotel/water park jobs, but we enjoy these jobs for the travel and the extra income, as well as the comradery that is shared when collaborating on a project.

By mid December, we had painted murals in the lobby, water park & retail area.  We also painted set work, placed props, and painted woodgrain on most of the 1,200 faux cedar ceiling planks that were installed on the 50' ceiling throughout the lobby & restaurant areas. 

In addition to this, I created 6 wildlife replicas of timber wolves at my studio.  The wolves were placed on ledges above the fireplace, and on the rock waterfall area above the registration desk.

Other sites include:     
Mason, Oh: Winter~2006
Williamsburg, Va: Spring~2007

To view the project, take a look at the photos in the next few entries.

Mountain Landscape Mural 15' x 30"

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Lobby Mural
5 artists, 3 days

Mural in progress
Great Wolf Lodge
Grapevine, Tx
Autumn ~ 2007

Oct 31, 2007

Forest Murals 40' high

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Water park murals in progress

Great Wolf Lodge

Oct 15, 2007

Timber Wolves

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Timber wolves
Wolves above registration desk
Howling wolf on waterfall
Great Wolf Lodge
Grapevine, Tx

1,200 Planks!

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Faux cedar ceiling planks

Great Wolf Lodge

Aug 15, 2007

CoCo Key Water Resort

These water parks are attached to existing hotels in various locations in the U.S..  The additions are newly built and unfinished when we arrive.  There is generally no heating or air conditioning in the park while we are working, so the temperature closely matches the weather outdoors.  
The jobs are big.  Lots of painting...lots and lots of painting! Mural painting, set painting, sign painting, color fades, etc.  There are usually 2 artists and typically take about 4 weeks to complete.

Danvers, Ma: Spring~2007  It was so cold at times that our paint froze on the walls and sets.  We eventually got some heat in the building, and things went well.

Omaha, Ne: Summer~2007  It was 85-95 degrees in the building for most the time we were there, which made conditions a little uncomfortable, especially when working on ladders and lifts.  But we adjusted our hours to deal with the heat and everything came along nicely.

Despite these difficulties, the jobs were done on time and looked great when we were finished.  
To view the murals and set work, take a look at the photos in the entries below.

CoCo Key Murals

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2 artists, 3 days
Water Park Entrance
Coco Key Water Resort
Omaha, Ne

Sunset Mural 30' x 100'

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2 artists, 5 days

Mural in Progress
CoCo Key Water Resort
Danvers, Ma

Set Painting~Cabanas

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Clouds over Cabanas
Color Fade & Brickwork
Decorative Painting
Surf Shack
Coco Key
Omaha, Ne